WINNER is sustainable

Founded in 1946 in the Sauerland region, our connection to nature lies in our origins – we are committed to the environment and a green future.

As far as possible, we conserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and develop solutions for sustainable transport. In doing so, we are meeting the requirements of the European Green Deal and taking responsibility for future generations.

Sustainability is a permanent process for us – We present our already implemented measures here and inform you about future projects in the context of green logistics.

Our forum

The WINNER Forum, which covers almost 1,200 m², was completed in 2014. A 20 kW photovoltaic system on the roof ensures the basic supply and makes the Forum a completely climate-neutral training and office building. We feed the surplus energy into our WINNER grid.

Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology and motion detectors, the Forum is also designed to be sustainable from the inside. A built-in heat pump ensures the energy supply.

Our fleet

In the area of our vehicle fleet, we are also continuously working to further improve and operate more sustainably:

  • Our nationwide fleet of tractor-trailers and flatbed trucks consists of 100% EURO 6 vehicles – currently the highest standard for environmentally efficient vehicles
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS-based cruise control to drive as efficiently as possible
  • Our vehicle fleet is completely replaced every 6 years at the latest. Thus, we guarantee that our vehicles are always state of the art.
  • Almost all of our semi-trailers are designed as XL-coded curtainsiders. This not only increases the payload, but also minimizes the number of transports required.
  • With our WINNER-owned long goods network, we practice a bundling effect of goods and thus save energy and emissions compared to individual transports.
  • Our professional drivers receive regular theoretical and also practical seminars. In this way, we improve driving behavior with positive effects on ecology and economy.
  • We are committed to sustainability and are a member of various interest groups that are developing an efficient and sustainable drive.
    We support the goal of reducing emissions in heavy-duty transport by 30% by 2030.

Since the beginning of 2020, a fully electrified vehicle has been used for our short business trips at the headquarters in Iserlohn, our warehouse Pater and Nonne, and our branch in Hemer. The corresponding charging infrastructure was previously created independently, so that the vehicle can move emission-free on the roads with a range of around 200km.

In WINNER’s own truck wash, our fleet is washed almost exclusively with treated rainwater – thus we reduce water consumption, conserve resources and protect the environment.

Not only our Forum has energy-efficient lighting solutions. Gradually, the warehouses and office buildings of our subsidiaries are also being equipped with lighting systems under ecological aspects. Around 20,000 m² of space at WINNER are already equipped with LED lighting – more will follow.

Combined transport by rail has been a key factor in our service provision for more than 40 years. In line with European climate protection targets, we have been reducing Co2 emissions by 70% in this way for decades.

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