September 2015

“The boss isn’t always right”

Gudrun Winner-Athens, the owner of Spedition Winner, talks about the passion of the freight forwarding profession, its approach to digitization and the love of nature.

August 2015

“NRW isn’t planning good enough”

“We can only help ourselves with speed and quick action,” warned Gudrun Winner-Athens at the SIHK summer talk.

March 2015

Modern Architecture

The new training and office building of WINNER Spedition a real eye-catcher in Oestrich. With the new training and administration building in the Wiesenstraße / Brinkhofstraße area, Winner-Spedition has set an architectural as well as an entrepreneurial milestone in its corporate history.

February 2014

The DVZ LEO Award goes to the Sauerland

Gudrun Winner-Athens received the Leo Award in the category “Entrepreneur of the Year” on Friday, February 21, 2014 in Hamburg’s Curio-Haus.

June 2013

Clothes donations for the flood victims

The team of “volunteers” of the Letmather Hospice “Mother Teresa” had called for a fundraiser for the flood victims.

June 2013

Houses give way to a modern office complex

Spedition Winner invests in Brinkhof and Wiesen street. The building is to be completed in May 2014.

March 2013

Sri Lanka – Support

A lifelong dream comes true. Lutz Malaschöwski and his wife Barbara have been in Sri Lanka for several weeks now to build houses for needy families with donated funds.

January 2013

Forwarding industry is alarmed /h3>

The infrastructure in NRW only seems to be intact on the map. The WR spoke with the shipping company WINNER from Iserlohn-Oestrich about logistics problems

January 2013

Drivers receive a diploma of honor

Employees of Spedition Winner awarded. Everyone drove safely over 1 million kilometers.

September 2012

Passionate heart, clear edge

A pioneer in intelligent transport solutions, Gudrun Winner-Athens has made a name for itself. She is considered a tough negotiator, her repartee is legendary. The DVZ htook a look behind the public appearance.

July 2012

Komodality? Yes, but not everything is done for it

Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer started it on the DSLV Entrepreneurs Day (DVZ 3.7.2012, page 1): in front of the 300 freight forwarders he had advertised for a better integration of the modes of transport. Afterwards, a high-caliber panel of experts discussed the requirements, achievements and obstacles.

June 2012

Specialists of the Heavy and Bulky

The shipping company WINNER from South Westphalie transports goods by truck and train to 17 countries. Handling center at the industry park Edelburg, the red tarpaulin above the semi-trailer is lashed tight. The semitrailer of the forwarding company WINNER is ready for its long, cross-border journey. Even before, the driver had to go a long way. Shortly after Iserlohn, the headquarters of the WINNER company, the route 46 ends. The heavy truck had to fight its way through the bottleneck of Hemer to reach the logistics center for European traffic …

May 2012

Route 46 gap closure after winning the election

Should the CDU win the NRW election next Sunday, Lutz Lienenkämper, new transport minister in the shadow cabinet of Norbert Röttgen, wants to work for a closing of the A46. “This is very far ahead,” he said during a visit to the transport company WINNER.

May 2012

A demanding job with a future

The myth of the trucker, conjured up by singers like Gunther Gabriel or television programs like “Auf Achse” with Manfred Krug, who is traveling on motorways with his 40-ton truck, has gotten a scratch – in many minds this job has negative aspects – being away from the family, having hardly any free time. Tese are the factors that have a deterrent effect and hardly any school graduate wants to start training as a professional driver.

April 2012

Specializing in long goods and semi-finished products

Winner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG / lserlohn specializes in transport and logistics of stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals and long goods. The family-owned company based in Iserlohn has an efficient network of its own with 13 branches in Germany and one subsidiary each in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

March 2012

Specializing in long goods and semi-finished products

The WINNER Spedition from Iserlohn specializes in transport and logistics of long goods and semi-finished aluminum products. At Tube 2012, the logistics specialist will present an overview of its range of services and services.

January 2012

Increased efficiency in the forwarding sector through the use of an electronic credit memo

The WINNER Spedition GmbH & Co. KG from Iserlohn in North Rhine Westphalia converts the billing of the transport companies used to an electronic credit note and uses the document center of the Nuremberg consulting and software company nVista technologies GmbH.

September 2011

Krone dobrze “kombinuje”

Krone – transport kombinowany Dla spedycji Winner, z główną siedzibą w Iserlohn, transport kombinowany jest od ponad trzydziestu lat ważną gałęzią działalności.

August 2011

Pretty brave

At a working group meeting, Spedition WINNER and Fahrzeugwerk Krone informed about the opportunities and risks in combined freight transport.

June 2011

WINNER puts a “crown” on the railway

Once again, carmaker Krone invited to one of its very interesting workshops, each of which was assigned to a very specific topic. This time we went to Sauerland to Iserlohn to the forwarding company WINNER, a showcase company in combined transport.

June 2011

WINNER Spedition uses Opheo Transport

WINNER Spedition, based in Iserlohn, Westphalia, decided at the end of 2008 to introduce the transport management software OPHEO TRANSPORT of the Hamburg initions AG. The new system will increase the efficiency and transparency of transports and at the same time improve the ability to plan own transhipment carriers.

June 2011

Kombinowane seminarium Krone

Przez lata władze Europejskiej Wspólnoty Gospodarczej, a później Unii Europejskiej prowadziły politykę wrogo nastawioną w stosunku do transportu samochodowego. Wskazywano przede wszystkim na jego wybitnie antyekologiczny charakter, przejawiający się negatywnym oddziaływaniem na środowisko. Zwracano uwagę na brak możliwości oddzielenia miejsca wykonywania usługi przewozowej od miejsca powstawania zanieczyszczeń w postaci licznych substancji szkodliwych zawartych w spalinach. Do tego dochodziły relatywnie wysoki poziom emitowanego hałasu oraz znaczna – a tak wykazywano czy starano się wykazywać wypadkowość.

May 2011

Three meters inside height

Combined transport is picking up again after a dent in 2009. Vehicle manufacturers such as Krone and KV operators such as Spedition WINNER work hand in hand when it comes to the right swap bodies and vehicles.